Hobbies by design: Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing !..

September 2018 – Present day 😉

Yes you read that correctly at the end of September 2018, I started out on a new hobby. One that I never realised would grab me, whole heartedly and now cant imagine a week without been in the studio at least a few times a week !!…

Having seen several posts on social media of different people, doing crazy moves and positions on pole I initially dismissed it as, yes, very cool, but I could never do that. Well that clearly wasn’t true.

After looking at things to make me grow, get me out of my comfort zone, I sent an email to Altitude pole and inquired about the courses/ classes they offered. In all honesty it was a through a way email, i didn’t really think i would hear back from them.

Well I got that one wrong, a few days later I was in the studio for a consultation and after talking to one of the girls for the reasons why I wanted to join, she took me through everything they had to offer and had signed up for a 3 months membership.

I still remember the day when I arrived for my first class, nervous, yes, what the hell am I about to do, yes!

The studio owner, who is now a good friend. Was in full flow infront of her class, my first thoughts, wow she is full on!, wow that is one powerful person, then this quickly followed up with, wooahhh! everyone is half naked.

I did the what I know, now as the classic noob pole dancer thinking! you will never see me in that little mount of clothes, little did i know then it helps to get the most contact possible on the pole to be able to complete some of the epic moves possible.

Over the coming months, I started to develop my skills and find that the boy from Yorkshire, who when I say never danced, could actually do it!

what an amazing community of people I have found and share my time with, they have been encourging, supportive and accepting.

As you will see from the banner photo on this page, yes that is me in heels, performing recently on stage at the student showcase.

Pole dancing is epic and everyone should give it a go.

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