Zuu Bronze by design

Zuu Bronze level coach

Completion October 2018: Certificate course.


In an effort to explore more ways to exercise, I had the opportunity to take part and complete the bronze certifcate in Zuu, which is an awesome body weight exercise. Which can push you on so many different levels, from a beginner to a pro athlete. There really is something for everyone.

ZUU Essentially it is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout with an animal twist .

ZUU can be one of the most intensive workouts around, with it’s primal animal moves which involve slithering like an iguana and swinging your arms like an hyperactive gorilla.

Of course, you feel a little silly, but that’s part of the appeal. You’ll take it more seriously once you start to gasp for oxygen and muscle fatigue sets in.

The idea behind it was to create a training regime that didn’t involve pumping iron or going to the gym to use weight machines- but achieve elite conditioning, by burning body fat and creating lean muscle.

A 30-minute training session will get the heart pumping and over time you will start to become more agile, increasing your mobility, build muscle and fitness levels.

The absolute bonus with Zuu, it can be done at your own pace. As a warmup before your main exercise workout or as noted above the main event.

If you want t hear more give me a shout!

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