Personal Training by design

Personal Trainer: Level 4

Completion May 2017: 9 month online certification course (international).


As you will have seen by the other content on my website, I have been an active person for a number of years now and as my hobbies and skills developed I wanted to increase my knowledge and understanding.

In an effort to learn more about training development and techniques I signed up and completed the person trainer course with Fit college (who have subsequently gone on to become Fit Futures). Who give you all the tools to work towards the level 4 personal trainer programme.

I completed this course online over the space of nine months and took part in workshops held at the local gym to complete the tasks and assessments to prove competency when teaching/training people in the world of fitness.

Having now been using the skills and knowledge gained from this course back in 2017 to develop my own training programmes, around my busy lifestyle.

I spent six months in 2018 before starting pole dancing, Olympic Lifting and have gained an undertsanding of what is required to really push yourself.

I am now available to help you taking your training to the next level, be it your first steps into a healthier future. Have you been training for a while and want to focus more on your specific skill set, give me a shout!

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