PN Level 1: Nutrition by design

Precision Nutrition: Level 1

Completion June 2018: 9 month online training course

Taking my love of food to the next level and bringing my personal knowledge up a few notches, making the food I cook and eat work for me.

As I live an increasingly active lifestyle, going from a day at work, to time in the pole studio, or aerial straps, walking for a few hours or going for a run when the weather breaks and the sun comes out.

I wanted to learn more about nutrition, how does energy effect the body?, what are macro or micro nutrients?, how can i am to balance these things to improve my health and lifestyle. This course gave me a great insight into the knowledge and understanding to make more informed choices about the food I eat and choose to ingest to get the maximum energy to fuel my days.

When I started to do more exercises through the hobbies I enjoyed from snowboarding a few hours a week, to 11 week training courses that demanded a higher level of commitment. Or pole classes that mean increasing fitness levels the higher you get through the grading system, wanting to try more advanced moves. Or even increasing the length of walk/run to relax and enjoy the outdoors

here are a few things worth thinking about to get you started:

Good nutrition asks people to care about their food and eating:

Research shows that your actual choices are probably less important than simply paying attention to what you eat.
When you really care about what you eat, and make mindful, deliberate choices, you almost inevitably eat better.

Good nutrition focuses on food quality:

Almost no decent diet plan asks you to eat more processed, nutrient-depleted foods.
Instead, pretty much every camp recommends eating whole, minimally processed, nutrient rich foods – foods with which our body has a longstanding relationship.  Regardless of the macronutrient breakdowns ore specific choices, just eating better quality food will improve most people’s health significantly.

Good nutrition promotes regular exercise:

When people start paying attention to their eating, they usually start thinking about physical activity too. Or vice versa, if you take up an activity you love, eventually you start wondering if nutrition could help you do that activity better.

Nutrition: The big picture – Certification manual, The essentials of sport & exercise nutrition, 3rd edition.

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