Culinary Arts: Cookery by design

BTEC Level 2: Professional Cookery

June 2014 Norwood House: Backup training, 6 week training course

Having had a great interest in food, for many years and playing an important role in fueling me up for snowboarding, running and trips to the gym. 2014 brought the opportunity and time to take part and learn many new culinary skills. The location, Norwood house in Beverley.

The training, a BTEC Level 2 professional cookery course provided by Backup Training. Over an intensive 6 week time scale, cramming in as much knowledge about food as possible!

Learning how to prepare food properly, including different knife skills. how to make meals from scratch, including fresh pasta for meals including lasagne or spagetti bolognese. With all the contents made from scratch, including cooking the vegetables and meat, pasta and white sauce.

A major part of the course was to look into different dietary needs for specific age groups.While also enjoying creating awesome puddings including donuts and sticky ginger cake from scratch. The course ended with an evaluate of your skills gained through the course by creating a complete meal within a set time period.

I chose to create a barbecue sauce from scratch for freshly cooked chicken breasts, Onion rings in beer batter and fresh cut chips, which were all really tasty!

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